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“I became a personal injury attorney after one of my own family members was seriously injured in a commercial auto accident. I know how physically, emotionally, and financially taxing it was on my family. I carry this with me in each and every case I take.”

JR Reyna, Founding Attorney

Dallas Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys

Reyna Law Firm is a top-tier personal injury firm helping accident victims in Dallas. Were you injured in a trucking accident on Interstate 30? Did you find yourself on the wrong end of a blowout in an oil and gas accident? No matter what, Reyna Law Firm’s team of personal injury attorneys help accident victims hold the people and companies, at fault, accountable. We’re ready to fight for you today.

The first thing you will hear from an insurance company in Dallas when you get to the hospital is how they want to take care of you. Insurance companies have an essential duty in society. Although true, their loyalty is to their shareholders, not to injured. The first offer from the insurance adjuster will involve a settlement check. It can be hard to turn that down. Nevertheless, before you sign anything, call a top Dallas personal injury attorney to go over your legal rights.

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Accidents are stressful. Insurance companies like to bully injured victims into accepting less than they’re entitled to, legally. This approach dramatically increases their profits. Ultimately for you, when it’s time to pay for ongoing medical bills, taking the deal can have terrible consequences. On top of that, how will you cover lost wages and repair your property from the accident?
If you’re recovering from an accident in or around Dallas, Texas, we can help you with your legal options. Reyna Law Firm’s injury attorneys can meet with you, wherever you are, to discuss the specifics of your case. Call a trusted, top-rated Dallas personal injury attorney with deep roots in our community.

Our depth of knowledge and first-hand experience winning multi-million settlements from insurance companies is the perspective that you need to make an informed legal decision. The consultation is free, and Reyna Law Firm’s injury team doesn’t get paid unless you do.

Why trust Reyna Law Firm in Dallas? We win BIG.

Reyna Law Firm has a team of personal injury attorneys in Dallas that have settled and recovered numerous multi-million dollar personal injury settlements. Experience in personal injury litigation includes oilfield accidents, automotive accidents, and wrongful death.

Helping his Dallas neighbors with their injury claims is a deeply personal mission. At a young age, JR Reyna experienced the pain, suffering, and stress that can overwhelm a family in the aftermath of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. He chose this career to help other families navigate the grief and stress while securing the best outcome possible.

Having a local, Dallas based personal injury attorney that you can trust can make all the difference in your injury case. You need a legal advisor that you can trust. One that helps you understand your legal rights the way it applies to your accident specifically. Most importantly, once engaged, they should take the legal stress off of your plate so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Dallas Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

JR Reyna feels strongly that financial means should not keep personal injury victims from receiving the best legal counsel. His team of personal injury experts only receive payment for their work after you and your family get the money you’re entitled to, legally.

Holding negligent people and corporations in Dallas accountable is a critical mission. It’s the best way to bring about change. It will encourage other parties to change how they do things, ultimately protecting would-be victims from future accidents.

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At Reyna Law Firm, we handle all areas of personal injury, from car accidents, to catastrophic injury cases.

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JR Reyna has both negotiated and won numerous multi-million dollar courtroom judgments for his personal injury victims after a variety of accidents, including oil field accidents, automotive accidents and wrongful death cases in Dallas.

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JR Reyna has personally experienced tragedy within his own family and lived through the painful process of seeing someone he loves permanently injured because of a negligent person or company. He takes this passion for justice into every Dallas personal injury case he handles.

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Our Dallas personal injury lawyers fight for the best possible outcome for you. Whether that’s a settlement negotiated with the insurance company or taking things to court. You should be able to get medical treatment without worrying about your rights and your case. You shouldn’t have to worry about lost income or ongoing medical treatment costs.

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You’ll have questions, and you deserve answers as your case moves through the justice system. If you don’t hire the right Dallas personal injury lawyer to help you, it can be difficult to know your rights. It is essential to protect them at every phase of the case.


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$6,755,448.62 TO CLIENT

Oilfield Accident Wrongful Death

Gross: $11,329,500.00
Fees: $4,531,800.00
Expenses: $41,751.38
NET: $6,755,448.62



Oilfield Accident Wrongful Death

Fees: $2,369,854.40
Expenses: $96,790.05
NET: $3,457,991.55



Oilfield accident Wrongful Death

Fees: $1,258,707
Expenses: $13,917
NET: $2,503,876



Oilfield Accident (Injured Back, Neck, Traumatic Brain Injury)

Gross: $2,092,500
Fees: $837,000
Expenses: $7,961.64
NET: $747,038.36

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Any person who has been hurt directly because of another person’s recklessness or negligence can start a claim for recovery in Dallas, Texas. If you did not play a part in contributing to the injuries and damages, you might receive compensation by fully documenting and showing the other party’s liability.

Car and truck accidents represent the most significant source of personal injury claims in Dallas. In any busy metropolitan area, you will find aggressive taxi drivers, stressed truck drivers trying to make a tight deadline, and distracted motorists texting while driving. This problem represents a hazard for pedestrians and motorists in Dallas.

If someone causes you harm on or off the road, your first call should be to 911 to access medical treatment. And your next call or text should be to Reyna Law Firm – a top Dallas personal injury firm with the experience and compassion to help you recover more comfortably.


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