North Texas Brain injury victims face unimaginable challenges. These injuries can have extremely diverse symptoms. As a result, the families of those who get hurt are often saddled with high medical bills. The expenses associated with treatment and recovery may even last a lifetime. At Reyna Law Firm, our Dallas Brain Injury Attorney recognizes the many challenges ahead of your family. We’re of the strong opinion that your injured loved ones should be treated with the utmost compassion and respect. Thus, we strive to represent your best interests and maximize your quality of life.

Understanding Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are involved in almost a third of all injury fatalities in the U.S.[1] The majority are related to falling incidents, and elderly individuals above the age of 65 are the most frequent victims. TBIs typically involve sudden physical shocks to victims’ skulls that damage their brains. Your relative may have been involved in a Dallas vehicle accident or workplace incident. Or your young child may have fallen. The exact nature of your loved one’s injury will determine the trials ahead of you. Because the brain controls most of the body’s functions and organs, TBIs can present numerous symptoms. For example, your loved one may experience physical problems, like pain, seizures or weakness. They could also confront psychological or cognitive issues, like headaches, confusion and personality changes.[2]


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Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

After your relative experiences a brain injury, it’s only natural that you’d want to see their health restored as soon as possible. TBIs are complex, however, so you need sound medical and legal plans. Your relative must receive all the diagnostic testing and expert medical assessments necessary to provide them with an effective treatment. They may also need emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the costs of X-rays, CT scans and surgical intervention can all be high, even for those with insurance. This is especially true with a TBI or spinal cord injury. Some policies may not cover long-term expenses, like ongoing therapy or rehabilitation. Talking to a qualified attorney in Dallas about pursuing compensation might help you avoid significant debt.


Timely medical intervention also plays an essential legal role. By using the health records and reports written by expert caregivers as evidence, the Dallas Brain Injury Attorney at the Reyna Law Firm may be able to help you prove your case. We work tirelessly to show the court system that your family incurred economic damages, emotional and mental trauma and other irrevocable harm that deserves restitution. The Dallas Brain Injury Attorney at the Reyna Law Firm are known for their understanding of legal affairs. We’ve built a team of compassionate professionals that are truly committed to representing you in your fight for compensation. You never pay legal fees until you win your case, so we have even more incentive to ensure that you succeed. Whether you think you may have a case or you’re unsure, you should contact the JR Reyna, Esq. today about your catastrophic injury case.

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