Richardson Personal Injury Lawyer

Richardson is located along the US 75 corridor between Plano and Dallas, Texas. The University of Texas at Dallas is actually housed in Richardson. With more than 100,000 residents, Richardson is one of Dallas’ more affluent suburbs.

According to Richardson accident statistics, May and December are the most dangerous months to be on the road. Wrongful death accidents in Richardson were most recently compiled for 2014. There were 7 fatal accidents in Richardson involving 19 people. This is a sharp increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents from 2013.

Many wrongful death accidents in Richardson involve substance abuse. Drivers responsible for motor vehicle accidents often receive a DUI conviction, on top of any other criminal charges associated with their car or truck accident.

Reyna Injury Lawyers has represented the victims of wrongful death accidents, car and truck accidents, slip and fall accidents and many more personal injuries in Richardson for more than a decade. The initial shock following an accident can be disorienting.

It’s important to understand that accident victims in Richardson have the legal right to hold the person or company at fault for their injuries accountable. You can hire a personal injury lawyer in Richardson without adding to your financial difficulties. JR Reyna’s team helps with personal injury cases in Richardson on contingency.

You’re dealing with enough financial strain, physical pain and emotional stress. Let Reyna Injury Lawyers in Richardson help you understand your legal rights, investigate your accident and provide you with the legal guidance your family needs.

First Steps After A Personal Injury in Richardson

If you’ve been injured in Richardson, the first step you need to take is to safeguard your safety. In a motor vehicle accident, it’s important to move away from any road hazards. This includes oncoming traffic, as well as any fuel leaks that could present a burn injury risk.

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, it’s very likely that you’ve suffered catastrophic damage to your head, neck or spine. In car versus pedestrian, the 4 ton hunk of metal usually wins.

After a slip and fall accident in Richardson, you might feel embarrassed. Everyone falls down sometimes. Wet floors without proper markings, or dangerous conditions can present a slip and fall hazard. Don’t let your bruised ego keep you from accepting qualified medical treatment.

Once you are in a safe place, it’s time to call 911. You need to have qualified medical personnel assess your injuries. If you suspect a head, neck or back injury, try to avoid moving your body unless absolutely necessary. Further movement could compound existing injuries.

An emergency room physician at Methodist Richardson Medical Center or Vibra Hospital of Richardson can provide you with a thorough examination of your injuries after your accident. This examination is important because it can be difficult to self-assess your own injuries due to the adrenaline coursing through your body.

Insurance Claims in Richardson After An Accident

Now that you’ve received appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, your phone is going to start ringing. It’s the insurance company. The other party that caused your accident will quickly contact their insurance company and their lawyer in order to find out what they need to do to protect themselves from financial responsibility for your accident.

Your insurance company will also have a series of questions. Insurance companies in Richardson are not charities. They are corporations with a goal of delivering a profit to their shareholders. One of the ways that they generate a profit is by minimizing the total amount that is paid on each personal injury claim in Richardson.

Do not agree to an offer from an insurance company or lawyer before contacting a top-rated personal injury lawyer in Richardson. Once you sign your legal rights away, your future options are very limited.

Call A Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in Richardson

Reyna Injury Lawyers has spent more than a decade representing injury victims and their families in Richardson. Their team has the local knowledge and personal connection to the community that you need in order to put the facts of your accident into context.

You do not need to pay a fee in order to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Richardson. JR Reyna and is team will meet with you anywhere in Richardson or the surrounding area. You are also welcome to meet with their team in their Dallas personal injury law office.

Call Reyna Injury Lawyers right now for a free, no obligation consultation. Their team is standing by 24/7 to take your call. It’s only natural that you and your family have a great deal of legal questions. JR Reyna’s team of experienced personal injury attorneys and investigators can put their decades of experience to work for you and your family.