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“I became a personal injury attorney after one of my own family members was seriously injured in a commercial motor vehicle accident. I know how physically, emotionally, and financially taxing it was on my family. I carry this with me in each and every case I take.”

JR Reyna, Founding Attorney


Reyna Law Firm’s injury and accident lawyers are ready to fight for injury victims whenever and wherever you get injured in Texas or New Mexico. We know that you have enough to worry about in the wake of a severe accident. Thus, Reyna Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers are here to help you fight in the complex legal system. We have earned a reputation as committed, hard-working personal injury lawyers that fight to the end for our clients! We uphold our reputation by relentlessly fighting for the injured 24/7/365.


Covid-19 Update:

The Reyna Law Firm is committed to the health and safety of the injured during this Covid-19 pandemic! To maintain safe social distancing and ensure that the injured have legal access to our injury attorney 24/7, we utilize Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and FaceTime! We are committed to making sure the injured continue to receive access to the best medical providers in their communities so that they can overcome their injuries!



We know it is difficult to pursue an injury claim after an accident. This is especially true when you sustain severe orthopedic lumbar or cervical injuries, broken or fractured bones, and traumatic brain injuries. Never go it alone! The injury lawyer at the Reyna Law Firm knows personal injury law, and we want to fight for you and your family after an accident! We will thoroughly investigate, gather evidence, and fight to get you maximum compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, loss wages, medical bills, and property damage reimbursement.


The Reyna Law Firm fights for the injured hurt in auto, bus, car, construction, motorcycle, oilfield, pipeline, refinery, swimming pool drownings, truck, van, and 18 wheeler accidents. So when you are looking for an injury lawyer near me after any one of the above types of accidents, call the Reyna Law Firm 24/7/365! We want to help you and your family!


Paying for your medical bills. Missing time at work. Adjusting to a diminished quality of life. These are some of the impacts that many personal injury victims are coping with after a severe accident. The accident lawyers at the Reyna Law Firm has helped thousands of clients over the last 20 years. Your family’s future and your ability to recover from your injuries depend on us doing our job! The Reyna Law Firm has a track record of success in fighting and winning for the injured in receiving the maximum compensation for their injuries!


Have you been seriously injured in a serious accident? Call the injury lawyer at the Reyna Law Firm! We are proud members of the exclusive American Academy of Attorneys 100 Million Dollar Club and Lifetime Members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocacy Forum! Fighting and winning for the injured is what we do! Call the accident attorney at the Reyna Law Firm today for a free confidential consultation!

In conclusion, if you’ve experienced any of the following, call us today:

  • You’ve been in an accident
  • Your medical bills are piling up
  • Your car needs repair
  • You’re unable to work
  • You’re receiving medical treatment
  • Insurance companies are calling
AWARDSWe’re an award-winning Texas personal injury law firm

* Awarded to J.R. Reyna in 2018

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* Awarded to J.R. Reyna in 2017/2018

* Member since 2016

* Awarded to J.R. Reyna in 2018

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* Awarded to J.R. Reyna in 2020


*Not real clients/for dramatization only

Not all Texas personal injury law firms are
created equal. At Reyna Law Firm, we
know this. As a result, here’s why we’re different.



For instance, we have track records of getting maximum compensation for injury victims. As well as, working with the insurance companies to achieve fair settlements, where possible.



Above all, we are personal injury lawyers who know how the accident has changed your life. Thus, we will work relentlessly on your behalf to come to a meaningful resolution that allows you to put this incident behind you.



Handling the complex and personal aspects of your car accident claim to give you the peace of mind that a dedicated lawyer is working to help you move on from such an accident.



Relevant updates associated with your case so that you can make informed decisions about next steps and learn more about your opportunities to resolve the case as these arise.


Trial Ready.

While Reyna Law Firm makes every effort to resolve things outside of court or in mediation, but if trial is in your best interest, we're always prepared to fight for you .



Our track record of success with previous clients illustrates how important it is to hire an experienced and compassionate law firm that puts your future as our utmost priority.

How can we help you?

At Reyna Law Firm, we handle all areas of personal injury, from car accidents, to catastrophic injury cases.

Recent Case Results

Oilfield Accident Wrongful Death


$6,755,448.62 TO CLIENT

Gross: $11,329,500.00
Fees: $4,531,800.00
Expenses: $41,751.38
NET: $6,755,448.62

Oilfield Accident Wrongful Death



Fees: $2,369,854.40
Expenses: $96,790.05
NET: $3,457,991.55

Oilfield accident Wrongful Death



Fees: $1,258,707
Expenses: $13,917
NET: $2,503,876

Oilfield Accident (Injured Back, Neck, Traumatic Brain Injury)



Gross: $2,092,500
Fees: $837,000
Expenses: $7,961.64
NET: $747,038.36


Answers to some of the most common
personal injury questions we’re asked.

Have a different question?

Any person who has been hurt directly because of another person’s recklessness or negligence has the ability to start a claim for recovery in Texas. If you did not play a part in contributing to the injuries and damages, you may receive compensation by fully documenting and showing the other party’s liability.

Personal injury cases in Texas involve physical, financial, property, and emotional damages. Physical damages may include the injuries that the victim suffers whereas financial damages include property damage repairs, medical bills, gas mileage going to and from doctor’s appointments and more. Emotional damages incorporate pain, suffering and trauma. Your Texas personal injury attorney can explain this to you in greater detail.

The only way to get a better assessment on the potential value of your personal injury claim is to schedule a consultation with Reyna Law Firm. The exact value of a personal injury claim cannot be determined until a settlement is agreed on by both parties or until a verdict is rendered in your case. Our law firm aims to give you an honest perspective on what you may be entitled to, although this is not a guarantee. Your lawyers will use various factors in your case to figure out the best way to fight for maximum compensation.

Your insurance company will remain in contact with you after you start a claim. Giving them too much information, and especially without directly talking to your attorney, is a mistake. The claims manager may use this information to minimize or delay your payout. So, it’s far better to talk with your lawyer first to figure out whether sharing or signing anything is in your best interests.


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