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  • $11,329,500

    $6,755,449 TO CLIENT
    Wrongful Death
    Wrongful Death
    Gross: $11,329,500.00
    Fees: $4,531,800.00
    Expenses: $41,751.38
    Net: $6,755,448.62
  • $5,924,630

    $3,457,992 TO CLIENT
    Wrongful Death
    Wrongful Death
    Gross Amount: $5,924,630.00
    Legal Fees: $2,369,854.40
    Expenses: $96,790.05
    To Client: $3,457,991.55
  • $3,776,500

    $2,503,857 TO CLIENT
    Wrongful Death
    Negligence/ Wrongful Death
    Gross: $3,776,500
    Fees: $1,258,707
    Exp: $13,917
    To Client: $2,503,857
  • $2,092,500

    $747,038 TO CLIENT
    Wrongful Death
    Wrongful Death
    Gross:  $2,092,500.00
    Fees:  $837,000.00
    Expenses: $7,961.64
    Net: $747,038.36
  • $2,019,751

    $1,173,599 TO CLIENT
    Breach of Contract
    Breach of Contract
    Gross: $2,019,751
    Fees: $673,183
    Expenses: $172,968
    To Client: $1,173,599
  • $1,953,706

    $1,080,216 TO CLIENT
    Motorcycle Accident
    Motorcycle Accident/Trial
    Gross: $1,953,706
    Fees: $768,000
    Exp: $105,489
    To Client: $1,080,216

Texas Personal Injury Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result an accident, there is help available. Our firm has helped countless injured parties throughout the great state of Texas. We're here when you need us most and we will help you WIN

No one ever sees an accident coming. They can happen to anyone, without warning, regardless of economic or social status. They are a harsh reality of life. While most accidents are minor in nature, many can result in serious injuries and even death -- both of which have lasting effects that can span generations.

Juan Reyna "JR" is a Texas based personal injury lawyer who has a unique perspective on the impact that a serious injury can have on a loved one. Like many of his clients, he has experienced the same pain and financial distress brought on by an injury to a loved one. In 2011, one of his own family members was involved in a life-altering accident, which has resulted in serious and permanent injuries.

Compassion & Experience Does Matter

“It’s sad but society is so accustomed to reading about accidents on the news, that we’re desensitized to hearing about accidents to a degree,” JR says. “However when it’s YOUR family in the hospital or when it’s YOUR son/daughter/wife/husband that was hurt or even killed by an irresponsible party - there’s no words for the pain you feel” This unfortunate perspective that arose from Juan’s own family’s situation has greatly impacted how his law firm works with clients.

Unlike most other lawyers, JR shows a great deal of compassion for his clients. Equally as important, he understands that there’s a financial side to a loved one being injured, or worse, as the result of an accident. Loss of income, hospital bills, and funeral costs can become insurmountable expenses if a responsible party is not held accountable.

When you hire Reyna Injury Lawyers to represent you and your family, you’re hiring a firm who understands exactly what your family is going through. You focus on getting better; we’ll handle the stress of dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, and legal agenda.

It Costs You Nothing Out of Pocket

If you think you may have a personal injury case, call us today for a free consultation with an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer. Our firm works on a contingency basis which means you will never pay us anything unless you win your case.

Texans choose us because we win and because we care

If you or someone you love has been hurt, chances are, you're confused, stressed out, and worried about finances going forward. Our firm is here to take all of things off your plate, so you can focus on getting better.


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Juan "JR" Reyna

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  • Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
    He is a member of the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a membership only the most successful personal injury lawyers are invited into. This badge signifies his ability to win multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for his clients.
  • Personalized Attention
    Unlike some other lawyers who aim to settle cases as fast as possible with minimal interaction with clients, he strives to give each of his clients the attention they deserve.
  • Real Experience
    He isn't afraid of the courtroom. If trial is in the best interest of a client, he is always prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to fight on their behalf.
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Texas Car Accident Lawyer

  • Here in Texas, we're used to driving. It's no secret Texans love driving. While car accidents usually result in minor injuries, some of them are serious and can leave us with permanent injuries and pain that may last forever. Here at Reyna Injury Lawyers, we see auto accident victims all the time, and unfortunately, a great deal of serious injuries that can make even routine tasks, such as bending over to pick up groceries, painful.

    If you've been involved in an accident, go get medical care, then contact our firm immediately. While it may feel intimidating to approach an attorney, we're here to help you recover, both physically and financially. It costs nothing out of pocket to talk with our lawyer, who is glad to answer any questions you may have regarding a case.

    If you've been injured in an auto accident, we're here to help. Give us a call at (855) 477-7100 to talk with an experienced attorney, who really cares.

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