Farmers Branch Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered the shock and trauma of an accident in Farmer Branch, you probably have more questions than answers. You need help to understand your legal rights. You need to know the best way to hold the person responsible for your accident accountable, and secure financial compensation for your family’s well-being.

There are many types of accidents that Reyna Injury Lawyers has helped clients deal with in Farmers Branch. Both Brookhaven College and Dallas Christian College host students from around the world. While Farmers Branch is more than just a college town, there’s definitely an added level of risk that comes from working, playing and living in a community with a strong college presence.

Both I-35 East and I-635 are heavily travelled by locals and truckers hauling freight in and out of Dallas. Truck and car accidents in Farmers Branch can be incredibly dangerous. It’s important to get away from a busy highway after an accident. Head, neck and spine injuries may make excessive movement dangerous, but the risk of being struck by a vehicle may impact your risk-assessment.

Steps to Take After an Accident in Farmers Branch

Whether you were involved in a slip and fall accident, or an animal attack, there are important steps to take after being injured in Farmers Branch. Your first priority should be the safety of you and your family. As was mentioned earlier, you need to move to a place of safety. After you’ve reduced the risk of additional injury, call 911 and receive appropriate medical attention.

Many accident victims in Farmers Branch refuse medical treatment. This is a mistake. The adrenaline rushing through your system will dampen the pain, which can lead you to think you’re okay. A physician needs to perform a thorough exam of your injuries to ensure that all underlying conditions are properly treated.

If you do choose to sue the people or companies responsible for your accident, a Patient Care Report (PCR) will help substantiate your claims. The first thing that insurance companies and lawyers like to do in personal injury cases is try to prove that the injured party is exaggerating their injuries in hopes of a bigger payout. Reyna Injury Lawyers invests a considerable amount of time investigating every case they work on in order to understand the facts and present an accurate accounting of what took place.

Dealing with The Insurance Company After Your Accident in Farmers Branch

The insurance company is going to reach out to you to discuss the specifics of your injury and the circumstances surrounding the accident that caused them. The insurance adjuster will be friendly and seem compassionate. But be careful. Insurance adjusters are compensated based on how much they can minimize the payments for individual claims. They are financially motivated to reduce the compensation provided to your family.

Most people, after an accident, are not thinking clearly. This is a totally foreign experience. You’re experiencing physical stress from your injuries, and financial stress due to lost time at work and mounting medical bills. The insurance company knows this, so they will feel that they can offer you a quick, low-ball cash offer to make you go away.

Talk to A Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Farmers Branch Before Signing an Agreement

If you sign an agreement that limits your legal rights, you may be harming your family’s financial future. You need to fully calculate the value of your personal injury claim before signing on the dotted line. To do this accurately, it’s best to consult a qualified personal injury attorney.

Reyna Injury Lawyers is a top-rated personal injury law firm in Farmers Branch. They have helped Farmers Branch residents hold negligent people accountable for more than a decade after a variety of accidents. They have both local, first-hand knowledge and statewide personal injury litigation experience in Texas.

You can access their guidance for free by scheduling a no-obligation, free consultation today. JR Reyna and his team accept personal injury cases in Farmers Branch on contingency – meaning that you only pay for their services if they are successful in recovering financial damages for you and your family.

Representatives are standing by 24/7 to take your call. If you’re considering a personal injury claim payout offer, you need their advice to ensure that you safeguard your family’s financial future. You can meet with a personal injury lawyer at Reyna Injury Lawyers’ Dallas office. If travel is difficult, a member of the team will happily travel to meet with you anywhere in Farmer Branch or the surrounding area.