If you are among the one in 12,000 people who have encountered a spinal cord injury in the past year. You might be wondering, where you should turn for compensation? Feeling lost and confused? Many people in Austin approach the problem without an effective plan. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to reach their desired outcome. Hence, without proper compensation. Paying your medical bills can seem all but impossible, and you already have enough stress. The good news is that you can avoid this problem by educating yourself on how to move forward to reach your goals. You are about to learn how to keep yourself safe. As well as, how to optimize your odds of winning if your case goes to court. If you suffered in a car, bike, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident and sustained a spinal cord injury, secure an experienced Austin Spinal Cord Injury Attorney.


Anyone With a Spinal Cord Injury Should Call 911

In the seconds after an accident, thousands of thoughts will be racing through your mind, and making sound judgment calls won’t be easy. Also, the adrenaline rush from the incident might block the pain of your spinal injury. When you don’t feel much pain, ignoring the severity of this situation becomes easy, but not getting medical help can make your injuries even worse. No matter how you feel after an accident that might harm your spinal cord, call 911 as quickly as you can. A team of Austin’s finest will rush to your location to optimize your odds of making a full recovery. When it comes to your health and your future, you don’t want to take any risks that you can avoid.


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Don’t Get Trapped by an Austin Insurance Company

Although residents of Austin often complete many tasks in the moments and days after experiencing a spinal cord injury, contacting the insurance companies is often the most common. Doing so might make sense at first, but you need to take a closer look. Insurance companies won’t always have your needs at heart, and if you say the wrong thing, it can give them the ability to reduce or deny your claim. Unless you know your rights, trying to negotiate with the insurance companies alone is not likely to end in your favor.

Call an Austin Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

If you want to enjoy the best possible results, then contacting an experienced lawyer is your best option. A qualified lawyer will speak with the insurance companies in a way that optimizes your odds of getting the compensation to which you are entitled.

Reyna Law Firm

Those who need a lawyer to help navigate their situation are invited to contact Reyna Law Firm for assistance with their case. You will get a qualified lawyer who has a lot of experience with spinal cord injuries. In addition to being skilled in helping his clients gain sufficient compensation, JR Reyna, Esq. cares about the entire recovery process for his clients. We don’t want you to worry about not being able to cover your medical bills because nobody deserves to go through that much stress. If you w ant our personal injury team to help you determine the strength of your case, call me. If we decide to work together, then you won’t pay a penny in legal fees until we win your case, giving you complete peace of mind.