Austin motorists, passengers and pedestrians who get involved in collisions may perish or sustain catastrophic injuries. Regardless of the situation. Recovering from these difficult incidents often demands legal assistance. The Austin Catastrophic Injury Attorney at Reyna Law Firm are devoted to providing the aid you so desperately need. Whether your accident threatens to cripple your family with medical debt or end your career. We understand the issues you face. Above all, we’re here to help with your wrongful death, motorcycle, truck, or oilfield claim.

Austin’s Dangerous Roads

Car accidents are a known risk of living in Austin. By September 2015, for instance, motorists had already broken the city’s previous annual traffic death record from 1986.[1]  That same year, the Austin Police Department determined that some 41 percent of fatal wrecks involved impaired motorists. Almost a third of the at-fault drivers were repeat offenders.[2] Underage intoxicated drivers also pose a growing problem.[3] These statistics paint a clear picture. Those who drive, ride, bike or walk here are in significant danger of serious accidents. Austin’s roadways are also hard-pressed to keep up with traffic growth, making it one of the most congested cities in the U.S.[4] More people on the road mean more collisions, and for many victims, the catastrophic injuries that result will change their lives forever.


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Your First Steps Following a Car Accident in Austin

The way you react immediately after a car accident plays a vital role in your experience for years to come. For instance, ignoring a seemingly minor sprain now might make it harder to seek insurance or medical compensation when your injury later turns out to be more severe than you thought. Talking to a qualified attorney right away could help you chart a smarter course for your future. You should always call 911 right after the accident, but aside from that, your Austin catastrophic injury lawyer needs to be the first person you speak with. While you may be tempted to contact your insurer, reaching out to a legal professional beforehand can make it much easier to file claims and deal with policy terms.

Reyna Law Firm Is Prepared to Help

Navigating the legal process can be tricky. For starters, there are many options for seeking restitution, such as filing an insurance claim, suing a driver or suing a vehicle manufacturer. You also need to prove your version of events, which requires you to gather evidence and craft a strong formal argument. These tasks are essential, but they can be major burdens for suffering catastrophic injury victims and their families. We firmly believe that you and your loved ones deserve the best assistance. Our contingency process means that you don’t pay for our services unless you win your case, and we’ve helped put many Texans on the path to effective recoveries. Don’t let a catastrophic injury limit your ability to enjoy life. Contact JR Reyna today to learn more about the strength of your case and your best options. Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]