Can You Get Disability Benefits From a Spinal Cord Injury Claim?

March 21, 2018 - Pedestrian Accidents


Severe spinal cord injuries are often sustained from the trauma involved in motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle and diving accidents. They can also result from other causes like a tumor or an infection.

The spinal cord starts at the base of the brain, and it branches off with peripheral nerves to each side of the body. These nerves serve three purposes:

  • Sending motor signals from the brain to move muscles.
  • Carrying sensory signals like heat to the brain.
  • Sending autonomic signals from the brain that you’re not aware of for functions like heartbeat and breathing.

Whether or not a person who is suffering from a spinal cord disorder is eligible for disability benefits depends on whether the individual has the requisite degree of functional disability in relation to Social Security criteria, and whether it’s medically likely that the condition will last for a minimum of one year. According to Corpus Christi attorney Juan Reyna, automatic approval can be obtained in one of the following ways pursuant to Social Security listing 11.08:

  • When there is a complete loss of function lasting longer than three months from the onset of the condition.
  • If there are any disabled motor functions in two extremities and extreme limitation that lasts more than three months from the onset of the condition.
  • When there is a significantly marked limitation in physical and mental functioning, both lasting for more than three months from the date of the disorder.

If a person’s spinal cord condition doesn’t fit in one of the three classifications above, a variety of factors will be taken into consideration. Even depression resulting from the condition can be a part of the equation.

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