Wimberley Accident Attorney

Wimberley might look like a sleepy bedroom community along the Blanco river, but when you scratch beneath the surface you’ll uncover a diverse community of Texans with an independent spirit. And where there are people, unfortunately there are accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, you probably have more questions than answers – especially if the accident wasn’t your fault. A reckless driver, an employer that cuts corners or a tired big rig operator trying to meet a deadline can all wreak havoc on the lives of innocent people.

You shouldn’t have to fight to put the pieces of your life back together on your own. Accident victims in Wimberley have to deal with unexpected medical bills, lost time from work, and ongoing medical treatment as their body heals. And some scars are not visible – emotional trauma and mental anguish have a real impact on the lives of those fighting to recover.

Contingency Personal Injury Lawyer in Wimberley

With all of the financial strain, you might think that a personal injury lawyer is a luxury your family can’t afford. You’re wrong. Your family deserves answers. You need to completely understand your legal rights after an accident caused by someone else’s actions.

Victims have rights that are clearly outlined in Texas personal injury laws. But there are limits to how long an accident victim can file a claim. If the deadline passes, victims lose the opportunity to hold the people that caused their injuries accountable.

If you’re worried about coughing up even more cash after your accident to help pay for an attorney, you’re in luck. Reyna Law Firm helps accident victims in Wimberley on contingency. This means that there are zero up-front fees for enlisting their help in your personal injury case.

When your personal injury claim is successfully paid out, Reyna Law Firm takes a small fee to cover their time and expenses incurred while representing your claim. But if they are unsuccessful in securing financial damages for your family, their fee is completely waived. This means that JR Reyna’s team is completely in your corner, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your family throughout a difficult time.

Handling Insurance Claims in Wimberley

After an accident, your first priority needs to be securing the medical care you need. After you’ve let your physician provide you with immediate care, as well as follow-up instructions, it’s time to start dealing with the insurance companies.

Your phone has probably been ringing off the hook since your accident. The representatives for the insurance company might seem friendly, but their number one goal is to minimize the amount that they payout on your personal injury claim.

You will probably be pressured to accept a low-ball cash settlement in return for a simple signature on a form promising not to sue. At a time when medical bills are piling up, the cash may be very, very tempting.

But be careful! If you sign the forms that the insurance company gives you, you could be signing away your legal rights. The long-term costs of your accident will add up – ongoing medical treatment can really eat into your family’s savings. It’s important to ensure that your family recovers the maximum in financial damages after your accident. This helps protect your family’s future during a difficult time.

Call A Wimberley Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you need help understanding your family’s rights after an accident in Wimberley, give Reyna Law Firm a call right now. There is no cost and no obligation for the in-depth review of your unique case.

JR Reyna’s team of personal injury experts have spent more than a decade helping defend the rights of accident victims in Texas. If you’re not comfortable traveling to their law office in Austin, their team will come to you. Having a trusted personal injury expert shake your hand and look you in the eye can go a long way towards relieving the stress that your family is experiencing.

If you agree to let Reyna Law Firm handle your personal injury claim, a team of investigators will immediately start gathering evidence related to your case. Their experienced negotiators will handle communication with the other side’s lawyers and insurance companies. You can finally focus on getting better.

And if the insurance company isn’t willing to take care of your family, Reyna Law Firm will fight your case in court. There are zero upfront fees for their representation. They only get paid if your family wins.

Call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Wimberley today. You’ll get answers and peace of mind, without adding yet another bill to your family’s financial strain.