Plano Personal Injury Lawyer

Plano is one of the largest and most developed suburbs of Dallas, home to more than 280,000 people. The city has put an emphasis on preserving its historical artifacts and rich history for generations to come.

Tourists visit the Cavanaugh Flight Museum for a history of aviation. Visitors can travel back in time and experience what farm life in Texas was like at the turn of the century by visiting the Heritage Farmstead. Oak Point park gives both visitors and resident a variety of outdoor trails and natural beauty to experience – giving everyone an opportunity to unplug and unwind in nature.

Whether you’re traveling through Plano on US-75 on your way to Dallas, or you call the burbs home, an unfortunate fact of life is that accidents happen. In a busy city like Plano, motor vehicle accidents are on the rise. Slip and fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere. And the city’s proximity to Lewisville Lake means that some residents could get tangled up in a boating accident as they fight for bragging rights on the lake.

If you’ve been injured in Plano due to someone else’s negligence, you need to call Reyna Law Firm. Many accident victims wait too long to file their claim, losing their right to hold the people responsible for their accident accountable. Some wait because they think that a lawyer is too expensive. Or, they feel like they can handle things on their own. And, sadly, some people are just so overwhelmed that they freeze instead of taking action to protect themselves and their family.

Reyna Law Firm in Plano, Texas

JR Reyna founded Reyna Law Firm with one purpose – putting accident victims and their families first. He experienced the heartbreak, anxiety and life-altering impact of an accident first-hand when his father was injured by a reckless driver.

Reyna Law Firm works with accident victims in Plano on contingency. This means that there are zero upfront fees to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your personal injury claim in Plano. If Reyna Law Firm fails to secure financial compensation for your injuries, all fees are completely waived.

The most important thing after your accident is that you receive high-quality medical treatment. The second most important thing is that you contact a personal injury lawyer to help answer your questions and chart a path forward. DO NOT sign anything the insurance company or the other side’s lawyer gives you without consulting a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Claims in Plano

After your accident, the insurance company and the lawyer representing the people responsible for your injuries will try to contact you. Many injured victims start receiving calls before they even leave the hospital.

The person on the other end of the line – usually an insurance adjuster – will seem sympathetic and understanding. The insurance companies hire nice people, but insurance companies are not charities. Their first priority is to make a profit. And one of the ways they make a profit is by minimizing or eliminating payouts on insurance claims. That’s one reason that so many personal injury claims end with a court case.

After an accident, you probably feel vulnerable and rattled. Nobody plans for an accident. And when you combine missed time at work with expensive medical treatments, financial stress can compound a difficult situation. Insurance companies take advantage of this mental anguish and sense of desperation by offering to quickly pay cash on a claim.

But, there’s usually a catch. The amount they’re willing to payout is normally a fraction of what you could be legally entitled to. It’s important to check with a personal injury lawyer in Plano before accepting any settlement offer.

The easiest way to analyze your personal injury claim in Plano is by contacting Reyna Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation. Their team is standing by 24/7 to take your call and answer your personal injury questions.

Meet With A Plano Personal Injury Attorney

Working with Reyna Law Firm is a breeze. Their process is designed to eliminate stress and help give your family the answers you need before making important decisions that could impact the rest of your life.

First, give their team a call or send them using the contact from on this site. They’ll setup a time and place that’s convenient for you to meet with a top-rated personal injury attorney in Plano or the surrounding area. After an accident, travel can be challenging. That’s why their team is willing to come meet you in-person where you’re most comfortable.

Next, they’ll go over the information related to your case. They’ll answer any questions that you have and help you chart a path forward. If you choose to hire JR Reyna and his team to represent you, their investigative team will jump in and help gather all of the evidence related to your claim.

Your lawyer will handle the harassing calls from the insurance company and the other side’s lawyers on your behalf. JR Reyna’s goal is to allow accident victims to focus on recover, while his team helps ensure your financial future is secure.

If the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, the team will litigate your case. All of these services are covered under your contingency agreement, meaning you don’t have to worry about a hefty legal bill showing up in your mailbox.

Call today to get answers to your personal injury questions in Plano. The team is standing by to give you answers and peace of mind during a difficult time.