Luling Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one is struggling with injuries caused by someone else’s negligence in Luling, you have options available to you. The initial shock of an accident is enough to make it difficult to think clearly. During this difficult time, you’re expected to make important decisions. For example, the insurance company is probably going to pressure you to accept a fast cash-payout. Is this the right decision for you and your family? How do you know?

This is just one of many important decisions you’ll make in the days and weeks following your accident. You need someone in your corner with deep personal injury law experience – both in terms of negotiation and litigation. When you hire a personal injury lawyer in Luling, you’re arming your family with the expertise you need to make informed decisions during a difficult time.

And hiring a personal injury attorney in Luling doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, Reyna Law Firm have helped families in Luling for more than a decade – and they charge zero upfront fees. You can schedule a free, in-person consultation to discuss the specifics of your accident. Their team is standing by 24/7 to take your call. And if you choose to hire them to represent your personal injury claim, you’ll pay nothing until they are successful in securing the financial damages your family needs in order to rebuild.

Step to Take After an Accident in Luling

The two most important priorities after an accident in Luling is your family’s safety and speedy access to medical treatment. This helps ensure that your injuries are healed as completely as possible.

After an accident, it’s possible for additional injuries to be sustained if you fail to reach a safe place. After a motor vehicle accident in Luling, leaking gasoline can ignite and cause burn injuries. Nearby traffic can be distracted by the accident scene and accidentally strike pedestrians or other vehicles.

When moving after an accident, be mindful that head, neck or spinal injuries can be made worse by excessive movement. You’ll need to balance the dangers that exist in your current position with the risks of further movement. This can be an especially difficult decision if you’re involved in a workplace accident. Structural failure or other hazards can pose an ongoing risk that require immediate evacuation.

You’ll need to seek medical assistance in order to fully understand the extent of your injuries. A Luling physician will complete your exam and compose a Patient Care Report (PCR). This medical document is critical to both your long-term recovery, and any potential personal injury case. The facts outlined in the PCR will serve as a testimony to the injuries that were present immediately following your accident in Luling.

Personal Injury Insurance Claim in Luling

At some point after your accident, you’re going to find yourself on the phone with the insurance company. Filing a personal injury claim in Luling can be complicated. There can be disputes to the facts of your personal injury claim. And if the other side has hired a lawyer, it’s easy to feel like you’re getting in over your head.

As a victim of an accident in Luling, the deck is stacked against you. The insurance company hires claims adjusters to help policyholders complete claims. The problem is that Luling’s insurance companies are

not charities. These claims adjusters will seem friendly, but part of their compensation comes from reducing the amount the insurance company pays out on your personal injury claim.

They’ll offer you a fast cash settlement. With all of the financial difficulties you’re facing, it might seem like too good of an offer to turn down. But be careful. In return for their fast payout, you’ll need to sign away your legal right to pursue your personal injury claim in court. This could mean that you are leaving a huge chunk of change on the table – money that could be used to pay for expensive medical treatment, lost income potential and other costs your family has incurred as a result of this accident.

Free Consultation with Top Luling Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re struggling to make important decisions regarding your personal injury claim, you need to speak with Reyna Law Firm in Luling. Their team has more than a decade of experience helps injured victims and their families ensure that their future is secure following an accident.

The best part is your initial consultation with Reyna Law Firm is completely free. And there are zero upfront fees if you choose to hire Reyna Law Firm to pursue your personal injury claim in Luling. Their team is standing by 24/7/365 to help your family gain access to the legal insights that you need in order to make an informed decision.