Lake Jackson Personal Injury Attorney

Are you struggling to recover after suffering injuries in an accident in Lake Jackson, Texas? For instance, were your injuries caused by someone else’s negligence? Texas personal injury laws protect accident victims and help families secure financial damages after an accident. As a result, you will need these financial resources to help offset lost income. As well as expensive medical treatments and lost earning potential. In many accidents, personal property also gets damaged.

Injured victims in Lake Jackson have access to one of the best personal injury attorneys in the state of Texas. And if you think that hiring a personal injury lawyer in Lake Jackson is out of your current budget, think again. Reyna Law Firm accepts personal injury cases in Lake Jackson on contingency. This means that you can gain access to the legal guidance and expertise that you need, without any upfront legal fees.

JR Reyna founded Reyna Law Firm after his father got injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. He experienced first-hand how a family can be blindsided by grief, rage, and heartache in a moment. Reyna Law Firm works with families in Lake Jackson to ensure that the people responsible for their injuries are held accountable. An accident shouldn’t cause your family to experience long-term financial difficulty.

Steps to Take after an Accident in Lake Jackson

Your priority after an accident needs to be your physical safety. Fast-moving traffic in adjacent lanes after a motor vehicle accident in Lake Jackson could potentially strike a pedestrian. Leaking gasoline can ignite and cause burn injuries.

If you were injured at work or suffered a slip and fall injury in Lake Jackson, pay careful attention to your surroundings. Are there unsecured objects that could fall on you? You need to move to a safe location carefully.

But be careful when moving if you suspect a head, neck, or back injury. Spinal injuries can be made much worse by excessive movement after an accident in Lake Jackson. It’s crucial to accept medical treatment. The medical care that you receive will give you the best chance for a full recovery.

Your physician will perform a complete medical examination. Then they will notate their findings in a Patient Care Report (PCR). The PCR form will help your entire medical team understand the full extent of your injuries. Also, the PCR can be referenced in court if there’s a dispute over the injuries caused by the accident.

Filing a Personal Injury Insurance Claim in Lake Jackson

If you choose to fight with the insurance company on your own after your accident, you’re going to end up on the phone with an insurance claims adjuster. Insurance companies are not charities. They make a profit by reducing the dollar amount that they pay on personal injury claims in Lake Jackson.

The insurance adjuster will try and figure out the lowest dollar figure they can offer you. Then, they will take advantage of the fact that you are facing financial difficulties caused by lost time at work and mounting medical bills. Their offer of a fast cash payout on your injury claim might sound like music to your ears.

But be careful. You’ll be required to sign a legal waiver of your right to pursue the full potential value of your personal injury claim. Signing this waiver could leave your family without the financial resources they need to take care of your long-term medical needs or lost earning potential.

How much is my Lake Jackson personal injury claim worth?

If you’re struggling to understand how Texas’ personal injury laws affect your personal injury claim’s potential value, you’re not alone. Personal injury laws are complex. Many factors can impact the actual value of your personal injury claim.

You need the help of Reyna Law Firm. Their experience fighting for countless victims across the state of Texas can provide you with the legal advice and representation needed to hold the people that caused your injuries accountable.

You can meet with Reyna Law Firm for free to discuss the specifics of your Lake Jackson personal injury claim. Their intake team is standing by 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions, and help you schedule your consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Lake Jackson. If travel is difficult, their team will happily travel to meet with you anywhere in Lake Jackson or the surrounding area.