Is there a Time Limit to File a Claim for a Car Accident?

September 12, 2018 - Car Accidents


All states have statute of limitations laws regarding the filing of civil tort claims, and different categories can have different limitations. Successful personal injury claims associated with an auto accident in Texas are generally filed within two years of the accident, but that may not necessarily be a hard line for expiration. Material case facts matter, per the Texas Civil Remedy Code, and many times the facts include realization that an injury was suffered in the crash. The court can make determinations regarding when the limitation “clock” begins moving with respect to knowledge of the injury. Legal technicalities like the statute of limitations is a prime example of why it is vital to have a Texas personal injury lawyer like Reyna Personal Injury Lawyers representing your case.

Tolling the Filing Period

One of the most confusing aspects of filing an auto accident personal injury claim is the continuous running of the perceived time clock. The filing period can be “tolled” in some instances, which simply means the court can suspend any filing limitations. The facts of an injury case can impact how the filing limitations apply, and experienced personal injury attorney like Reyna Personal Injury Lawyers can step in and file immediately if needed to ensure the case is heard and a settlement is negotiated.

Insurance Company Stalling

The real truth about auto accident claims is that many accident cases are settled out of court, but not before the insurance company makes a reasonable offer. One of the most common tactics used by insurance providers is delaying a final decision on paying benefits or forcing a case to court. Your attorney from Reyna Personal Injury Lawyers will understand how to keep the insurance provider honest with an immediate filing to force a quick settlement of the case.

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The statute of limitations is one of the best reasons it is important to not delay in filing any injury claim, especially when injuries are serious and whole compensation is expected. Call or click on the Reyna Law Firm website immediately when you have a potential auto accident injury claim and put their expertise to work for you.

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