• $11,329,500 Wrongful Death
  • $5,924,630 Wrongful Death
  • $3,776,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,092,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,019,751 Breach of Contract
  • $1,953,706 Motorcycle Accident

Houston Car Accident Attorney

When accident victims are seeking a Houston car accident lawyer that will truly advocate for them, they reach out to the J. Reyna Law Firm. Not only does Juan Reyna provide free consultations to help victims gain a better understanding of their cases, but the entire team at J. Reyna truly cares about providing top-notch customer service. Whether you've had a loved one who perished in an accident or you have been impacted by another driver's negligence yourself, our group will go to bat for you every step of the way. Accidents can be very traumatic when they occur, playing upon our deepest "fight or flight" responses. We may be tempted to take shortcuts in order to simply escape the situation. However, this will only hurt us in the long run. Whenever you or a loved one are involved in any kind of car accident, it is crucial that you follow these steps:

Call 911

It has been proven that many injuries do not become apparent for days or weeks after an accident. In order to ensure that you receive proper care for any possible problems, you must call 911 immediately. This way, police can come to the scene and survey the situation for themselves. Also, you will be able to seek medical treatment very shortly after the time of impact, offering you a better chance for a swift recovery.

Don't Speak to Insurance Companies

After an accident, you will probably receive phone calls from the other driver or drivers' insurance companies. Keep in mind that the insurance company has a different goal than you do; put simply, they want to resolve the issue quickly by paying out as little as possible. In these types of situations, it is imperative that you allow an experienced legal representative to speak for you.

Speak to a Qualified Attorney

When you talk to Juan Reyna, you'll immediately feel comforted by his impressive background and legal experience. Since he personally has been affected by a family member's car accident, he truly understands all of the emotions and legal challenges that occur when one is involved in a car wreck.

Houston: A Hub for Car Accidents

Were you aware that Houston has the unfortunate distinction of being the Texas town with the most car accidents in 2015? With sobering statistics like this, it's no wonder that so many victims are in need of legal representation these days. Although you may have been fortunate enough not to experience an incapacitating auto accident, you may be struggling with the long-term physical and/or mental fallout from an automobile accident in Houston. When the stakes are this high, you can't afford to gamble with your legal representation. With Juan Reyna at the helm, you can be assured that your case is receiving the attention it deserves. Contact our law firm for a free consultation today, and allow the experienced team at J. Reyna commence the process of helping you to get justice.
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