Friendswood Personal Injury Attorney

Were you involved in an accident in Friendswood, Texas? If your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek financial damages to help offset the financial burden of your injuries. When you add up medical costs, lost time at work, diminished earning potential and emotional stress, the value of your Friendswood personal injury claim could be in the thousands.

The financial damages you receive after an accident in Friendswood will help your family shoulder the ongoing costs associated with your injuries. It’s also important to consider how your personal injury claim will help make positive changes in your community. For example, after a workplace accident that costs a company thousands of dollars, they will likely change the way that they operate. This makes the places in Friendswood where we work, play and shop a lot safer.

A personal injury lawyer in Friendswood can help you understand your legal rights. Based on the unique facts surrounding your accident, a member of the Reyna Law Firm team in Friendswood can help you make sense of a complicated, stressful time in your life.

Steps to take After an Accident in Friendswood

Your first priorities after an accident in Friendswood need to be the safety and protection of your family. You need to accept medical treatment. The injuries sustained during a car or truck accident in Friendswood can be severe. Although the injuries from a slip and fall accident might be a little harder to spot.

With the adrenaline coursing through your veins, it can be tempting to get up on your own and delay seeking medical assistance. This is a huge mistake. After any accident it’s important to allow a physician to immediately perform an assessment. This step will help you to understand the full extent of your injuries.

As part of your initial medical exam, a physician will complete a Patient Care Report (PCR). This document will fully outline the injuries that were present following your accident. This is an important document for your care team, and can help bolster your personal injury claim if it ends up being arbitrated or decided in court.

Filing a Personal Injury Insurance Claim in Friendswood

At some point after your accident, an insurance adjuster is going to speak with you on the phone. The insurance adjuster will sound friendly and empathetic. But be careful. Many claims adjusters are compensated based on their ability to get accident victims to accept a low-ball cash offer in return for settling the claim. The waiver they require you to sign in order to receive this cash limits your ability to pursue the full value of your claim.

It’s critical to have a personal injury lawyer in Friendswood review your case before you sign on the dotted line. You’re potentially leaving money on the table. This money could be used to offset the long-term costs of medical treatment, lost income potential and other hardships your family will face as a result of your injuries.

Reyna Law Firm – Friendswood

You don’t have to fight the insurance company and the other side’s lawyers on your own. You have access to one of the top personal injury law firms in Texas. Reyna Law Firm has helped countless victims and their families hold the people responsible for their injuries accountable.

Their team is standing by 24/7 to take your call. The answers they provide will help you make informed decisions during a difficult time. Negotiating a personal injury claim can be stressful. You need time and space to focus on your physical recovery. Let Reyna Law Firm take care of the harassing phone calls and brutal tactics that the other side will use to reduce the total amount they need to payout.

The best part is that Reyna Law Firm accepts personal injury cases in Friendswood on contingency. This means that you will only pay for their services if they are successful in securing financial damages for you and your family.

Pick up the phone right now to schedule an in-person consultation with a member of JR Reyna’s personal injury law team. If travel is difficult, they will gladly travel to Friendswood or the surrounding area to meet with you in person at a time and location that is most comfortable for you.