Can I seek compensation if I was in an accident on a construction site?

June 27, 2018 - Construction Accidents


Construction sites in Texas are one of the most dangerous places to be. It’s common for pedestrians to enter these sites by accident or even on purpose. When they do, they have increased risks of accidents that can result in serious injuries. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain compensation for any mishap that occurs.

Accidents on Construction Worksites
Construction workers build new roads and buildings. They also remove debris from old sites and demolish buildings. Construction site accidents commonly include:

  • Falling objects
  • Slips and falls
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Electrocutions

Construction workers in Texas must wear helmets, earplugs and protective clothing to reduce the risks of injury. They undergo months of safety training to protect themselves and their coworkers. If they don’t follow these safety rules, the company is fined or penalized by Texas law enforcement.

Lack of Warning Signs
Construction projects are developed to build roads and construct buildings. By law, warning signs must be placed in front of any site, and barricades must be set up to block all entry. The signs and barricades must be of bright orange colors that are visible from far away.

Some people in Texas accidentally walk into danger because they are not warned properly. Every construction company has to follow safety laws that protect its employees and bystanders. If a construction site does not provide adequate warnings and you suffer from an accident as a result, you have the right to sue them and seek justice for negligence.

Construction site accidents happen to both employees and bystanders. Preventing one is not always possible, even if you wear helmets or watch your step. There are a few situations when the construction company is more at fault than you are. A construction accident lawyer is a source for advice and legal representation. Contact Juan Reyna at Reyna Law Firm for strong legal representation, he’ll work with you to obtain the compensation you deserve as an accident victim.

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