When can a business be sued for personal injury?

February 15, 2018 - Uncategorized

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PersonalInjury Lawsuit

If you go into a store or a restaurant, you don’t expect to be at risk of injury. Unfortunately, people are injured in businesses every day. What are your rights if you are injured in a business? Under what circumstances can a business be sued for personal injury?

A business that is open to and serves the general public has a duty of care. That means that the business is required to act in such a way that they keep their premises safe from what would harm anyone coming into the store to do business. They must warn the customer if there is any potential danger.

Let’s use an example. If you entered a grocery store and slipped, fell and injured yourself as a result of a wet floor (coming from a broken cooler), you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. The store had a duty to keep the floor safe, or they should have placed warning signs to notify everybody in the business that the floor was wet. They did not meet their duty of care.

If the business has breached their duty of care, you have to show that you were harmed in order to have a personal injury lawsuit. This means that as a result of the injury you had some pain, medical bills or lost wages.

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