Arlington Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Arlington, you are probably wondering what to do next. Nobody plans for an accident. But it’s important that you get the information you need in order to make informed decisions that can protect your family and help put your life back together.

Car and truck accidents in Arlington are common on busy highways, like Interstate 30. Distracted or intoxicated drivers on Arlington’s surface streets have caused life-altering pedestrian accidents. For instance, they fail to pay attention to crosswalks and busy downtown intersections. Construction accidents in Arlington have also become more common. Builders rush to meet the demands of a growing economy. As a result, they cut corners and fail to provide a safe working environment.

Even a simple trip to one of Arlington’s many retailers can result in a slip and fall accident as employees fail to clearly mark hazards or quickly attend to spills. Thus, if you’re injured in an accident in Arlington, your first priority should be, move to a place of safety. If you suspect you may have suffered a back, head or neck injury in Arlington, it’s important to understand that excessive movement could compound your injuries.

It is always best to follow the instructions of a physician or first responder with medical training. Don’t let a bruised ego prevent you from accepting medical treatment for your injuries.

File A Personal Injury Claim in Arlington

After you’ve received treatment for your injuries, it’s time to start thinking about the best path forward. Chances are, you’re going to be dealing with insurance companies and their claims adjusters. There’s one thing you really need to understand – claims adjusters are bonused if they can successfully keep their claim payouts low. The best claims adjusters are empathetic and make you feel like they have your family’s best interest at heart. But their income potential goes up when you get paid less. They are not on your side.

Insurance companies are not charities. Their goal is to make a profit for their shareholders. It is always a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney in Arlington before accepting a cash payout on your personal injury insurance claim.

Why? A top-rated personal injury attorney in Arlington will be able to help you understand your legal rights. Personal injury law in Texas is complex. There are many factors that can impact the total value of your personal injury claim.

You can discuss the specifics of your injuries and your personal injury claim with an Arlington personal injury lawyer for free. There is no obligation if you reach out for a second option – and it’s a great idea to take advantage of this opportunity. You’ll gain insights from JR Reyna and his team at Reyna Law Firm – a personal injury law firm with more than a decade of experience helping represent victims and their families in Arlington.

Contingency Arlington Personal Injury Attorney

JR Reyna founded Reyna Law Firm after a family member suffered life-changing injuries following an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. He saw how a happy family’s life could be turned upside down in an instant. And he knew that his legal training allowed him to provide timely advice that helped his family hold the people responsible for their injuries accountable.

High-quality, life-changing legal advice shouldn’t be reserved for those with deep pockets. Every family in Arlington deserves answers after an accident. For these reasons, JR Reyna’s team accept personal injury clients on contingency. This means that there are no upfront fees when hiring Reyna Law Firm to represent your claim. Reyna Law Firm is only paid if they are successful in securing financial damages for you and your family.

Insurance companies love to push around uninformed accident victims in Arlington. If you hire Reyna Law Firm, the calls will stop. You can focus on your medical treatment and personal recovery. JR Reyna’s team will investigate the facts surrounding your accident, demand fair treatment from the insurance company or the lawyers representing the people accountable for your accident, and even take them to court if they refuse to compensate fairly.

To learn if you have a legitimate personal injury case in Arlington, pick up the phone and give Reyna Law Firm a call. The team is standing by 24/7 to take your call. You can setup an in-person consultation at their personal injury law office in Dallas. Or, if travel is too difficult, a member of Reyna Law Firm will happily travel to meet with you in Arlington or the surrounding area.