What happens if someone else is driving my car and gets in an accident?

January 23, 2018 - Uncategorized


You lend your car to a friend or relative so that they can run errands, attend to an emergency, or go on a road trip. Unfortunately, the worst happens, and, an automobile accident occurs with your friend/family at the wheel. Since the car does not belong to them, the situation can be quite complicated to handle. Let’s look at some of the implications in this case and what will happen regarding liability and compensation.

Liability and self-owned vehicles

If the car in question is a self-owned vehicle, the at-fault driver’s insurance should be responsible for the damages resulting from the accident. This means that if the person who borrowed your vehicle is not the one at fault, the insurer of the other driver who IS responsible for the crash will cover the damages. On the other hand, if the friend or relative that borrowed your vehicle is liable, your insurance company should pay for damages resulting from the accident.

Car insurance covers the vehicle

Most people assume that car insurance usually covers the driver. However, this is not true. Auto insurance covers the vehicle, and this means that if you allow another person who is a friend or a part of your household to drive the vehicle, your insurance will cover any damages that result from the accident.

For example, you lend your car to your sister for the day. She accidentally hits another car in the parking lot at her office. In this case, your liability coverage will cover damages for the other car. If the costs exceed your limit, your sister’s insurance will step in as secondary coverage.

Non-permissive use

If your vehicle is taken without permission by a family member or relative that’s excluded from your policy, your insurance will not pay for the damages. In this case, the driver’s coverage will cover the damages implied by the crash. However, if the individual who used your car without permission is not insured, your insurer will be liable for all of the damages.

When it comes to automobiles nobody can predict the future. You may lend your car to a friend, family, or relative only to get a call that there has been an automobile accident. Contact Reyna Law Firm today, especially if your friend was uninsured, impaired, or did not have a license at the time of the accident.

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