What Happens if I Get Injured in an Accident While in a Taxi or Uber?

March 14, 2018 - Car Accidents

taxi accident

If you were injured in a taxi or Uber accident as a passenger in Corpus Christi, it’s highly likely that you’re on solid legal footing. In Texas, taxis are required to carry a minimum of $300,000 in liability coverage and $100,000 in accidental death coverage. Uber’s insurance requirements far surpass those of a taxi. When you enter an Uber vehicle, you’re covered by $1 million of liability coverage as soon as you get in the car. See Texas Insurance Code section 1954.001 for Uber insurance requirements.

Comparative Negligence

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a taxi accident or an Uber accident, you’re a passenger. Unless you do something completely outrageous, you’re free from any allegations of comparative negligence in a crash. If you’re involved in a single-vehicle accident, your claim will be against the driver. In an accident involving two or more vehicles, you might be able to claim against both drivers.

How it Works

Comparative negligence can be pivotal in any accident case. Pursuant to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies section 33.001, if a person is found to be comparatively negligent, the percentage of fault attributable to him or her is deducted from any gross award. For example, if a person’s gross award is $100,000 and they were found to be 30 percent negligent, their net award would be $70,000. Should a person be proven to have been more than 50 percent at fault for an accident, the law won’t allow any award at all.

When you’re a passenger, Texas law doesn’t require you to give a statement of any kind to an opposing insurer. Your own words from that statement might be used against you in the future. Protect your rights. Politely refuse to give a statement, and contact Reyna Law Firm right away on 361-866-9076 after being injured as a passenger in any car accident in or around Corpus Christi, TX.


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