What are the Most Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Texas?

September 25, 2018 - Car Accidents

Texas Car Accident Lawyer

A catastrophic injury is an injury that results in long-term or lifelong care. This definition is adapted from the definition of the American Medical Association and is used commonly. While most injuries are treatable, there are some that have lasting and permanent effects on a person’s quality of life. It is important to know when these situations occur and what steps to take in order to make sure that you or your family are in good care.

Here are some of the most common causes of catastrophic injury in Texas:

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

2. Slip and Fall Accidents

3. Workplace Incidents

(Texas Department of State Health Services – DSHS)

When you or a loved one has experienced a catastrophic injury event, seek immediate medical attention. The quality of care at the onset of the injury can assist in the long-term effects. Once that is taken care of, contact a good personal injury lawyer that understands the unique nature of these cases.

These professionals will bring a wealth of experience to your aid and will guide you through any complicated processes. It is essential that you have your needs met during this time. Your future work and lifestyle may be impacted, so you want to make sure that all pertinent issues have been addressed.

If you are in the Corpus Christi area in Texas and need to consult a good lawyer about a catastrophic injury, call Juan Reyna of Reyna Law Firm. He understands the procedures that are unique to Texas Law. Juan Reyna has a reputation for excellence and integrity and will help you understand your next steps during these tragic times.

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