Terrible Truck Accidents in 2017

November 27, 2017 -

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Road accidents are not prejudiced in claiming their victims. However, the make, model, and size of the vehicles involved can and do make a difference in the severity of injuries and the ultimate outcome of any automobile accident. What this boils down to is this one simple fact: In road and highway accidents, size matters. Check out the Federal Motor Carrier Statistics website to see just how outnumbered passenger cars are on our highways any given day. This information can be accessed at this site. Our roads and highways must accommodate the transportation of goods as well as people, which involves the imminent presence of large trucks. A collision between a tractor-trailer, also known as “18-wheeler” and a standard vehicle is much like a battle between horse and a small dog. Although there is no way to completely annihilate transportation accidents, there are ways to persuade humans to be more responsible and cautious. This article indicates just how dangerous a truck driver’s job is. If he/she is that endangered inside that big truck, imagine how endangered motorists are in the smaller vehicles that travel alongside! The internet is full of video clips of tragic loss-of-life and injury accidents that were either caused by an 18 wheeler or involved one of these large trucks. Although the vehicles are a necessity in our economy, if a motorist is maimed or loses his/her life in a tractor trailer accident due to negligence either intentional or unintentional, the injured or their survivors should also have a right to a reasonable settlement in compensation for the damages sustained. Reyna Law Firm have been defending the rights of those injured in tragic automobile accidents for decades, and they are especially experienced at defending the rights of those who have been injured in accidents involving large trucks. If you or a loved one have suffered or your loved one has lost their life due to a tragic accident involving an 18 wheeler, contact our offices today. 

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