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Injury Scholarship

At Reyna Injury Lawyers, we understand people. We understand their need to feel that they are heard and their desire to pursue their dreams. This includes the area of education. Based on our experience as lawyers in a field that includes deciphering values and compensation, we understand the challenge of being able to fund a college education in these times.

We have worked hard to get where we are as a law firm and we continue to work hard to help you get the compensation that you need, especially after experiencing a difficult event. Understanding these challenges has helped us to understand the challenges that face the students of the future, including physical, mental, and financial challenges.

Based on that experience, we have a goal to assist students who are pursuing higher education, helping to alleviate the financial burden in the same way that we attempt to do this in our personal injury law firm.
Our goal is to provide students with assistance in obtaining a higher education and taking some of the financial burden off of hard working students.

The Reyna Injury Lawyers are offering a bi-annual scholarship. The amount of


is provided to the hard-working student with the winning essay (details below) who is enrolled in a University or Community College.

The deadline to submit your essay and application is the same time period every year. It extends from September 15th until January 15th of the following year.

The essay contest portion of this scholarship process is a response to the following question: What Would Make a Difference in Encouraging Drivers to Stop Texting While Driving (TWD)?

Write a 300-word essay that addresses the above question; Obtain a copy of your resume; a statement of your current grade point average (GPA); and the name of the college/university where you are attending. Attach these items and submit in the form below for consideration in this essay contest.

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