• $11,329,500 Wrongful Death
  • $5,924,630 Wrongful Death
  • $3,776,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,092,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,019,751 Breach of Contract
  • $1,953,706 Motorcycle Accident

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In 2013, San Antonio was one city that had the highest number of motorcycle accidents in the state of Texas. As a matter of fact, there were eight fatalities due to motorcycle accidents in that one year. Any fatality is a tragedy, but there is some good news: Deaths due to motorcycle accident have been declining in San Antonio while they have been going up in the rest of the country.

After an Accident Occurs…

Although motorcycle accidents are going down, there is still a possibility that you can be involved in a collision in San Antonio. In the event that this happens, the first thing you will want to do is call 9-1-1. The next step is to ask for the other driver’s insurance company information, but you must not talk to anyone from the other driver’s insurance company without legal representation. First of all, the other driver’s insurance company represents the other driver, and he or she will do everything that he or she can to ensure that you are assigned the blame for the accident. Second, if he or she cannot accomplish this goal, then the plan will be to offer you a settlement that is lower than you deserve.

The J. Reyna Law Firm

After a motorcycle accident, you need a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer who will represent your interests. The law firm you need to call is the “J. Reyna Law Firm.” J. Reyna is experienced in investigating personal injury accidents, and he will diligently work to build a case that demonstrates the at-fault driver’s guilt in the accident. Juan Reyna is an attorney who has ample resources to fight for you from the beginning until the end of your case. He is fully capable of representing you if you have been mildly or severely injured, but he can also take your case if a loved one died in a motorcycle accident.

Can I Afford an Attorney?

We work on a contingency basis for all of our personal injury cases which means that attorney we will represent you in court with no upfront costs. If we don't go to trial, we will represent you throughout the pre-trial process until a settlement can be reached. You will not pay a single dollar in legal fees until after the jury has reached a verdict or you have been offered a settlement. If you do not prevail in court or are not offered a settlement, you will not have to pay for our services. Do you think you have a case against the person who hit you? If so, contact us at the J. Reyna Law Firm. The first meeting with our qualified attorney will be free when he will be able to assess the strength of your case. Remember that you will never receive a bill from us until after the case has been resolved. Contact us today so that we can get started on your case right away.
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