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January 16, 2020 - Motorcycle Accidents

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San Antonio motorcycle enthusiasts love to ride! The freedom of the open road is invigorating! Unfortunately, there are too many San Antonio motorcycle accidents due to the negligent driving of so many operators of cars.

Recent San Antonio Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident occurred, recently in San Antonio. Shortly after, a woman in her twenties was hospitalized with severe injuries. The investigation revealed that a van negligently pulled out of a parking lot, in front of her. Consequently, this negligence caused her to crash

This crash occurred near Loop 410 and Culebra Road on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. The motorcyclist was then taken to University Hospital in critical condition with multiple injuries as well as possible head trauma.

These motorcycle accidents are becoming too frequent in the Alamo City! The San Antonio injury attorney at the Reyna Law Firm understands the complexities that these accidents pose. Given the popularity of motorcycles, you and I can agree that San Antonio motorists must share the roadways in a responsible manner with motorcyclists and be mindful of their safety.

San Antonio Safety Tips:

  1. First of all, always wear your helmet! Head injuries are responsible for most motorcycle crash fatalities;
  2. Secondly, get licensed to operate a motorcycle by DPS;
  3. Thirdly, ride a motorcycle that fits your body size;
  4. Also, always wear appropriate protective clothing;
  5. Then, of course, always keep a safe lookout and distance from other motor vehicles; and
  6. Finally, avoid driving in bad weather!

Have you or a loved one been seriously hurt in a San Antonio motorcycle accident that has left you seriously injured with tons of medical bills? You are not alone. The San Antonio accident attorney at the Reyna Law Firm is here to help.

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