The psychological impact of a Catastrophic Injury

February 14, 2018 - Uncategorized

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A catastrophic injury can have long-term or even permanent physical effects on the victim, but it can also have serious psychological consequences on both the victim and the members of their family. The recovery time of a catastrophic injury can be both arduous and costly, prompting those directly and indirectly affected to seek financial compensation. However, any such legal action will require representation by a catastrophic injury lawyer. Serving Corpus Christi, Texas, Reyna Law Firm are available to provide this type of representation.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are those that lead to serious disabilities on a temporary or permanent basis. These include brain trauma, spinal cord damage, severe burns, amputations and the loss of sensory abilities, including sight. Traffic accidents are a major cause of catastrophic injuries. Construction site accidents, especially those involving chemicals or heavy machinery, often result in catastrophic injuries. Surgical errors can have catastrophic consequences, as can something as simple as a fall on a hard surface.

The Psychological Effects of a Catastrophic Injury

The psychological effects of such an injury can be as bad as, if not worse than the physical damage. Long-term or permanent disabilities are often accompanied by post-traumatic stress disorders, with related anxiety and depression. The stress placed on family members can be equally as severe, especially upon realizing that someone they love is totally disabled, at least during the catastrophic injury recovery period. Learn more about this issue from the National Institutes of Health at

Seeking Financial Compensation

Damages may be sought to cover medical and rehabilitation expenses, to compensate for the loss of wages, including anticipated future income, and for the mental anguish related to the physical injury. Family members can also seek damages for their suffering. A catastrophic injury lawyer can help victims and their families obtain the compensation that is required. This is why they should consider seeking assistance from Reyna Law Firm.

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