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September 19, 2022 • Oilfield Accident

What Should I Do If I Am Injured In An Oilfield Accident?

Oilfield accidents are common occurrences and many times the workers are injured while there is no immediate supervision around. Knowing what to do in the vent of an accident is always important in dangerous working conditions like those in oilfields, even if you are not the individual who is injured. Many times the injured worker […]

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repair and replacement of the pipeline in minsk re NLFKNFV 1 |
March 1, 2020 • Personal Injury

West Texas Pipelines fuel our economy and must be maintained in a safe manner!

Pipelines in West Texas play an enormous role in ensuring that oil and natural gas make their way to market so that we have fuel in our tanks, gas in our homes, and that national and global energy needs can be met. Without question, pipelines provide an enormous foundation for economic growth by employing and […]

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Odessa Personal Injury Lawyers near you
February 29, 2020 • Odessa

Reminders to Reduce Odessa Oilfield Accident Risk by: Reyna Law Firm

Oil is the lifeblood of the American economy and Odessa is the nerve center for domestic production. It is imperative that well sites and drilling operations are maintained and performed in a safe manner! The Reyna Law Firm fights for oil workers in Odessa and West Texas who have been injured in oilfield accidents. We […]

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Reyna Law Firm Odessa Blog Featured image
February 28, 2020 • Odessa

Accident attorney in Odessa, Texas!

Accidents happen every day in Odessa and West Texas! The injured will have lots of questions and concerns after an accident. For instance, who is responsible for my medical bills, lost wages or property damage? Getting the right information, as well as the right injury lawyer, is essential to successfully resolving your injury claim and […]

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February 25, 2020 • Odessa

Helping the injured in Odessa and West Texas is what we do!

Odessa and West Texas are the heart of the American oil industry. Therefore it has rapidly developed over the years. Consequently, finding adequate medical care after an accident can be a challenge. At the Reyna Law Firm, we understand this! We represent the injured in West Texas many different types of accidents. Our accident attorneys […]

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February 18, 2020 • Spicewood

Reyna Law Firm fights for the injured in Spicewood

Reyna Law Firm fights for the injured in Spicewood! Whether hurt in an auto, bicycle, bus, car, construction, motorcycle, truck, van or 18 wheeler accidents! The Reyna Law Firm will commit to making sure you have access to the best medical providers to help aid in your recovery. Furthermore, it is our legal obligation to […]

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Personal Injury

Round Rock Injury Lawyer

Round Rock is one of Central Texas’ most vibrant communities! Every day the city is growing with new opportunities, a growing population, and new challenges. Unfortunately, with that growth has also come increased serious accidents which result in serious injuries. The Reyna Law Firm fights for the injured in Round Rock. Anyone hurt in auto, […]

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February 16, 2020 • Bee Cave

Bee Cave injury lawyer at the Reyna Law Firm!

As Bee Cave and the surrounding areas continue to grow and expand commercially, so too do serious accidents! The Bee Cave injury lawyers at the Reyna Law Firm fights for the injured hurt in Bee Cave and West Austin auto, bus, car, motorcycle, truck, van, and 18 wheeler accidents! The Reyna Law Firm is available […]

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