I was injured in an oilfield accident, do I have a case?

December 26, 2016 - Uncategorized

The short answer to this question yes, given that it can be proven the accident was caused while performing job-related duties. Worker’s compensation covers all of the medical bills and will also provide wage replacement at two-thirds of gross income level. The problem is that oilfield workers often experience very serious debilitating injuries as well as fatalities. As a matter of fact, the Occupational Safety Hazard Association says that oilfield workers are seven times more likely to suffer serious injuries at work for whatever reason. And, those reasons can often be due to negligence of third-party actors who are also working on the job as contractors. These cases can be complicated, and you will always need an experienced Dallas oilfield accident lawyer.

While suing an employer, employers are generally protected from non-economic damages involving a workplace injury. The worker’s comp laws are in place to provide a timely safety net for an injured worker while providing some insulation for the employer who operates in good faith according to law. The problem is that many oilfield contractors will cut corners in the operation process, which could easily result in a dangerous situation for employees. When employees are injured due to illegal acts by the employer, additional damages can be pursued in a separate lawsuit. This process will normally not involve a workers compensation insurance company, which means the contractor is sued directly and often with no insurance protection when they act illegally and can be verified. Many times injuries occur due to the negligence of a different contracting agent on the drill operation. These third parties can be sued when it can be proven they are the direct or indirect negligent party responsible for the injuries. These suits can also include material evidence of illegal activity and even gross negligence in cases of wrongful death, which could result in punitive damages in a jury trial. A Dallas Oilfield Accident Lawyer can help you build a strong case,  call J.Reyna Law Firm today for a free consultation!