How long do I have to file a Car Accident Lawsuit in Texas?

October 30, 2018 - Personal Injury

Texas Injury Lawyer

Under Texas law, you must submit an injury claim within two years from the date of the car accident. If you suffer from injuries and the vehicle is now unsafe to operate, you need to talk with a Texas car accident lawyer. It’s important to meet the filing deadline. Even if you have a strong case, the statute of limitations can prevent your lawsuit from being heard in a Texas court.

Reyna Law Firm can walk you through the process, so you understand what’s involved in determining the level of negligence and responsibility for the injuries and property damages incurred.

Because insurance companies play a significant role in this process, they require policyholders to report an accident within a reasonable amount of time. There are expectations, especially if you are hospitalized or unable to maintain daily routines. Although you are under pressure to settle quickly, it’s in your best interest to allow a lawyer to do a full assessment of the situation.

The Evaluation

The information you share with the lawyer during the initial meeting is critical. Make sure all of the potential medical and property damage issues have been reviewed and considered. It helps to calculate the amount of damage and injuries caused by the accident.

Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you from the start assures nothing gets left to chance. They become the intermediary between you and the insurance company. Once the research and the investigations are done, your lawyer will propose a settlement.

According to the State of Texas, a public insurance company has 15 days to accept or deny the offer. If the offer is rejected, you can expect an explanation or a counteroffer.

Composition of a Settlement

The settlement is based on facts and evidence that supports your case. It’s important to make sure witness statements, police reports, medical analysis, and other documents are accurate. Insurance companies must maintain professional integrity when introducing relevant facts or policy provisions.

If the settlement is declined and further negotiations are at a standstill, your attorney can file a lawsuit, while the settlement conferences continue. Keep in mind, once you agree to settle, you lose the right to seek further damages. Ultimately the goal is to settle before the case goes to trial. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Government Accident Claim

If you intend to file a lawsuit against a government unit, the claim needs to be filed within six months of the accident. Also, in this case, it’s a good idea to talk with an injury lawyer, immediately. There are specific legal issues to discuss before submitting a claim against any government department.

Reyna Law Firm can negotiate for you. If you and the insurance company do not reach an agreed settlement, it’s time to file a lawsuit.

Do you have questions about your rights? Wondering how long it could take to settle? In every accident case, there’s a sense of urgency. We’re here to review the circumstances and determine the best strategy for restoring the quality of life for you. Call Juan Reyna at Reyna Law Firm today to get the ball rolling on your case.