Knowing how it feels to have a family member who suffers from a catastrophic injury motivates JR Reyna. Therefore, his legal team at Reyna Law Firm represents victims of serious accidents. He has personally felt the pain and costs of a tragic accident in his family. As a result, he has dedicated his practice to representing victims who need aggressive and determined representation. We have a Houston Spinal Cord Injury Attorney who understands the sad situation that may confront you. Lastly, JR Reyna is available for you to contact him 24 hours of every day.


Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

At an average occurrence of one spinal cord injury per 54 million Americans. Hence, approximately 17,000 new cases occur each year. Studies show that nearly 300,000 residents of the United States in 2016 suffer from the devastating effects of this catastrophic injury. Males account for the majority of new cases. As a result, the average age has increased from 29 to 42 years. Furthermore, hospital stays of 35 days are less than half as long as they were in the 1970s. However, fewer than 1 percent of victims recover completely from a spinal cord injury.


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Preparing for a Personal Injury Claim to Help Recover from Your Spinal Cord Injury

Initially, as a victim of a vehicle crash or other accident that injures your spine, you need to get immediate medical assistance by calling 911. Also, in your injured condition, you may need help to get photographs of the accident scene. If you can get a fellow Houston resident to record the names and contact information of witnesses, it may help you prepare to take legal action. Importantly, two more steps can help you after an accident.

  1. Avoid talking to any insurance company.
  2. Call a qualified attorney.

Insurance companies are businesses that have a profit motive, and they may offer you a settlement that does not adequately compensate you for your injuries and losses.

Let A Top-Tier Houston Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Represent You

JR Reyna is a Houston Spinal Cord Injury Attorney who provides aggressive representation for accident victims. With two decades of experience in representing Texans in Houston and across the state, he has the compassion, resources, and effective legal skills to prosecute your case. What’s more, representation by Reyna Law Firm gives you peace of mind so that you can focus your attention on recovering from your injuries. An initial consultation with an attorney at our law firm costs you nothing. Also, a benefit of discussing your case with a lawyer is that you get an assessment of the strength of your case. Furthermore, with an understanding of the available options, you can decide if you want to pursue legal action. You have no obligation to pay any legal fees unless we recover a settlement for you in your Houston car, truck, bike, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident.

Choose Reyna Law Firm

If you think that your injury resulted from the negligence of someone else, contact Reyna Law Firm to get the representation that you deserve. JR Reyna’s compassionate understanding of the pain and suffering that you face complements his legal experience and expertise in representing Houston’s spinal cord injury victims.