When you or a loved one are involved in an oilfield accident, sometimes life can suddenly seem very overwhelming. In times like these, you need guidance. From a Houston personal injury attorney who is experienced in dealing with such matters. When you work with the group at Reyna Law Firm, you’ll immediately get a sense for how detail-oriented and thorough we are. As a Houston Oilfield Accident Attorney that will go the extra mile for you, JR Reyna strives to make sure that you understand every step of the process. Discussing each aspect of your case with you, our firm leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of the compensation that you deserve.
According to The Burea of Labor Statistics reports, car, bike, truck, and construction accidents are other leading causes of injuries, but oilfields are especially dangerous.


One of the best aspects of working with the team at Reyna Law Firm is experiencing our commitment to each and every case. For us, this dedication is demonstrated in the excellent way we treat our clients. Specifically, we don’t make a dime from you unless we win your case. Furthermore, we also do not charge for your initial consultation. That’s right—you’ll be getting an experienced attorney to listen to the particulars of your case without having to pay any money outright.

When you’re experiencing the aftermath of an oilfield accident, this can be invaluable. After an accident, many oilfield workers are left unable to work and made to pick up the pieces themselves. No one is going to look out for you at work, so it is imperative that you look out for yourself. If you happen to find yourself involved in such an accident, try not to panic. Follow these steps:


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1. Call 911

It is impossible for you to understand the extent of your injuries until a medical professional is able to check you out. By calling 911, you will set the correct process into motion – allowing Houston police and fire to fully document your injuries.

2. Do not speak to insurance companies

Remember that they are looking out for their bottom line, not you. If you speak to an insurance company representative, you risk losing any compensation to which you may be entitled. Let an experienced Houston oilfield accident lawyer do the talking for you.

3. Call Reyna Law Firm

We make it our business to protect you. Since your employer and their insurance company are looking out for their best interests, it is only fair that you have someone advocating for yours. Since the consultation is free and our firm only takes compensation if we win your case, you have absolutely nothing to lose by calling our Houston personal injury team today and seeing where you stand.