In a busy city like Houston, it’s all to easy for accidents to occur. As you may already know, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not just one condition. An injury with a great deal of complexity. TBI manifests with many different symptoms, some resulting in disabilities that can range from mild to severe. Whatever the severity of the disability, traumatic brain and spinal injuries dramatically impact the injured person and his or her family and friends.

A head or spine injury often results in a permanent disability. Consequently resulting in a chronic medical condition that must be dealt with over a lifetime. Such a disability impacts all aspects of the injured person and those close to him or her. In addition to the medical, social, and emotional consequences. As a result, unfortunately injuries of this nature are expensive to treat. Thankfully, we have exceptional neurosurgeons and medical specialists in Houston. But treatment is expensive.


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Struggling to Pay for Brain Injury Treatment in Houston?

Sadly, families can be overwhelmed by debt at this difficult time. Many families turn to Reyna Law Firm to help them seek compensation for the cost of years of medical rehabilitation and treatment. JR Reyna is a premier brain damage and accident lawyer with precise and extensive experience in all areas relating to brain injuries, including incidents in the following areas: construction accidents, car accidents, collisions, oil and gas explosions, commercial accidents, and 18-wheeler collisions.

The firm’s specialty is fighting and winning negligence cases where a person sustained a traumatic injury. Brain and spinal injuries are complex, so the best representation is by a specialized firm that keeps current with the latest medical and legal information. We know and use the top experts in neurology, neuro-psychology, radiology, and others who will help to prove your case in court. The broad spectrum of disabilities and symptoms means that it takes expert evaluations with a degree of subtlety not widely available in most law firms.

Reyna Law Firm is a Leading Personal Injury Firm in Houston

Because TBI is so complex, a family advocating for their loved one must be confident that the information presented to them and ultimately to the court is accurate and supportable. JR Reyna, as a premier Houston brain injury lawyer, should be your first point of contact for evaluation of your legal case. Reyna Law Firm works on contingency. This means that you will pay no legal fees unless you win your case. If you believe your loved one has been injured through the negligence of a company or individual, call Reyna Law Firm for a free consultation. He will be able to evaluate your case and help you make an informed decision about your next step.