The “Giddy Up” To San Antonio

January 18, 2020 - San Antonio

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People all over Central Texas are gearing up for the biggest event of the year in San Antonio Texas. The San Antonio Stock & Rodeo Show! There was a record-breaking attendance in 2017 with over 2,000,000 visitors and 33,000 volunteers. This year’s projection is around 2.5 Million attendance!

Major Central Texas Roadways

Making plans to drive to San Antonio for the 2020 Stock and Rodeo Show? You will use one of these major roadways at some point in your drive to or through San Antonio.

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Central Texas highways will be more crowded than ever at this year’s event! The San Antonio Accident Attorney at the Reyna Law Firm reminds you to travel safely to avoid car accidents. Always follow the speed limit as speeding can make it very difficult for commercial trucks and 18 wheelers to see you approaching or passing them. At the Reyna Law Firm, we believe everyone deserves a safe roadway. 

Remember, Safety First at the Event!

First of all, always park in a well-lit area. Secondly, make sure your belongings are safely secured in the trunk. Remember, any time you visit a large venue with tens of thousands of people around you, some individuals will be drinking alcohol and may pose a danger. Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of your surroundings!

If you plan on consuming alcohol, the Accident Attorney at the Reyna Law Firm reminds you to Uber or bring a designated driver. Drunk driving is one of the major contributing factors of San Antonio fatalities on Central Texas roadways. So drink responsibly!

If you have children with you, make sure they wear closed-toed shoes. There may be broken glass on the floors from glass bottles. Above all, keep an eye on the little ones!

Have a Great Time and Be Safe!

Amongst the iconic 8-second bull rides, the cattle petting zoo, and some of the best food and country music in Texas, there will also be hazards and risks to avoid. Have a great time at this year’s rodeo! Questions or comments, let the accident attorney at the Reyna Law Firm know your thoughts!


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