Pay Attention! Distracted Drivers are Dangerous Drivers!

January 26, 2020 - Personal Injury

One of the leading causes of serious motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. The Reyna Law Firm reminds you of the importance of paying attention to the roadway at all times in order to prevent an accident.

Things to never do while driving:

1. No texting, emailing or social media posting:

2. No selfies;

3. No reaching for food and eating (taking your eyes off of the road;

4. No applying makeup or attempting to dress while driving (guys trying to put on a tie); and

5. No fighting or arguing while driving as flared tempers can lead to major distraction.

Everyone deserves safe roadways! It’s important that we each play our role in contributing to safety! Reyna Law Firm wishing you safe travels!

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