De Soto Personal Injury Lawyer

Nobody plans for an accident, and the injuries that result from them can completely change your life’s trajectory. In De Soto, injuries are commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, animal attacks, slip and fall accidents and many other unexpected events. Many of these accidents in De Soto are caused by someone else’s negligence.

Someone texting on their phone might not pay attention to the crosswalk at a busy intersection, leading to a pedestrian accident in De Soto. The injuries sustained when a 4-ton hunk of metal on wheels slams into a person on their bike, or while they’re walking across the crosswalk are truly life-changing, and sometimes lead to a tragic, wrongful death.

You don’t have to pick up the pieces alone. You can get answers to your personal injury claim questions from a top-rated personal injury lawyer in De Soto for free. You need someone to help you figure out how Texas personal injury laws impact your specific injuries within the context of your accident.

Injured victims in De Soto turn to Reyna Injury Lawyers for help. JR Reyna and his team of award-winning personal injury specialists have helped residents of De Soto put their lives back together after the most horrific of accidents.

Personal Injury Insurance Claims in De Soto

Your first priority should be you and your family’s safety. Immediately move to a place of safety, away from busy roads, leaking fuel or falling debris. Next you need to accept medical treatment. Don’t try to be a hero, or shy away from getting the help you need because of a bruised ego.

The adrenaline coursing through your veins after an accident can mask the full extent of your injuries. It’s important to receive a comprehensive medical exam from a physician at one of De Soto’s emergency rooms – including Texas Health Emergency Room, Crescent Medical Center or any other qualified medical facility.

The patient care report (PCR) that is prepared by your physician will outline important treatment steps for you to follow. The injuries outlined in the report will also help to validate the fact that you were suffering from medical injuries immediately following your accident.

Should I Accept the Insurance Company Payout After My Accident in De Soto

At some point, your phone is going to ring. It’s the insurance company. Their claims adjuster wants to talk to you about the specifics of your accident. They will sound friendly and supportive, but their mission is to pump you for information. They’re going to use what you tell them to find ways to lower the amount they offer on your claim.

You’re dealing with the shock of an accident, the bad news from a doctor about the extent of your injuries and the stress of trying to figure out how to cover mounting medical bills after missing time from work. The insurance claims adjuster knows that you are in a frazzled state of mind. They will leverage what you tell them, along with your sense of dread to push you towards accepting a low-ball cash payout on your claim.

The insurance adjuster will tell you that dragging out the process will only end up costing your family more time and money – two resources that are in short supply after an accident.

Meet with A Personal Injury Lawyer in De Soto

You shouldn’t try to figure out the best path for you and your family on your own. Your best move is to reach out to a top-rated personal injury lawyer in De Soto to discuss the specifics of your case, as well as any offers you have received from the insurance company or lawyers for the party responsible for your accident.

You can meet with JR Reyna and his team of personal injury specialists to discuss the specifics of your accident at their Dallas personal injury office. If travel is difficult after your accident, a member of JR Reyna’s team will gladly travel to meet with you in De Soto or the surrounding area.

There is no cost to meet with a personal injury attorney in De Soto to better understand your options. If you do decide to hire JR Reyna and his team to represent your personal injury claim, you will not be hit with any upfront fees. Reyna Injury Lawyers accept personal injury clients on contingency. This means that you will only be charged for their services if they are successful in recovering financial damages for you and your family.

Representatives are standing by 24/7 to answer your personal injury questions in De Soto. Reyna Injury Lawyers has more than a decade of experience and has received multiple awards and recognitions for outstanding client service. You can depend on their analysis of your claim to help guide your decision-making and ensure your family has the best possible path to recovering after your accident.