For construction companies, Texas has never been such a good place to do business. Unfortunately, the massive boom is also noteworthy for the hazards that workers confront on a daily basis. Therefore, construction accidents are routine occurrences in the Lone Star State, and Dallas is a potential hotbed of danger. At Reyna Law Firm, we’ve seen the dangers of construction firsthand. We may not be able to prevent your incident, but our Dallas construction accident lawyers are fully prepared to help you bounce back. Were you diagnosed with a catastrophic injury? Hence, you need our help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlDLvDxVgKM

The State of Construction in Dallas

As of August 2016, more than 203 thousand people were employed in construction or related industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.[1] While it’s great that there are plenty of jobs, Texas as a whole has a dismal construction safety record. In 2014, the Dallas Morning News reported that the state’s lack of any form of occupational safety inspection agency contributed to a high incidence of accidents and fatalities among construction professionals.[2] Of the ten largest states, Texas had the highest rate of excess deaths, with specialty construction taking the top spot in terms of hazardousness.

A 2013 report by the Workers Defense Project revealed that one out of every five Texan construction workers reported job injuries that demanded medical intervention. Other problems for victims included factors like nonexistent employment benefits, more than half of workers receiving poverty-level wages, massive payroll fraud and a widespread lack of safety training.[3] In some cases, subcontractors who promised to pay for injuries or funeral expenses after workers got hurt even disappeared.[4] A wrongful death or spinal cord injury lawsuit needs to be filed right away.


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Overcoming Stacked Odds

Texas is the only state that doesn’t mandate that all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. Coupled with disproportionately low wages, this reality can make life seem impossible for survivors and their families. What many workers don’t know is that the law gives them numerous rights. In addition to being able to seek compensation claims from employers who carry insurance, the state allows workers to file lawsuits against companies that don’t maintain coverage.

Surviving Life After Your Construction Accident

What’s the best way to pursue compensation after you’re hurt at a construction site? It all depends on the circumstances of your injury and your employment. Before doing anything else, however, you should call 911 and talk to a qualified attorney. Speaking to your own policy provider or your employer’s insurer could be a major mistake if you haven’t prepared a legally sound case first. Whether you’re seeking workers’ compensation or filing a lawsuit, we’ll provide comprehensive legal services and resources. Our staff also performs diligent research into how your employer operates and maintains their worksites to support your argument that they should be held responsible.  Your injury may have temporarily derailed your career, but with our Dallas construction accident lawyers, it doesn’t have to put your entire life on hold. To gain a more solid understanding of your case, call JR Reyna for a free consultation now.


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