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Truck Accident Attorney in Austin, TX

In Texas in 2015, there were 23,623 traffic accidents involving large trucks, which includes commercial trucks, semis and 18 wheelers. Of those accidents, 428 resulted in death, and 810 caused incapacitating injury. People who were in accidents involving large trucks were six times as likely to die as those who were in crashes involving regular passenger vehicles. This is unsurprising when you consider the weight and the size of semi trucks. In addition to the weight of a truck, the cargo it is hauling can add tons of pounds of additional weight, so the safety features of a regular car often aren't enough to protect its occupants.

Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Austin

As the size and weight of large trucks make them more dangerous when they are involved in crashes, these same issues make them more difficult to drive. Some of the most common causes of accidents relate to the fact that large truck drivers may have limited visibility, and turning and maneuvering semis can be difficult. On wet roads, truck drivers may not be able to brake in time if traffic slows abruptly or someone pulls out in front of them. Truck drivers may forget to check blind spots when turning or fail to use a turn signal, both of which frequently result in accidents. Additionally, trucks require maintenance and repairs just like regular vehicles do, and without proper upkeep, even the best truck driver may not be able to avoid a crash. Drivers may also be the cause of accidents when they are distracted, fatigued or not trained well enough to avoid an accident or know which conditions may lead to them.

Why You May Need An Austin 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

If you've been in a semi-truck accident, you may not be just dealing with an insurance company as is normally the case with standard car crashes. Even if you do go through an insurance company for compensation for medical bills and vehicle repairs, it may be necessary to get legal assistance to ensure that you are appropriately compensated. While there are a number of normal, mechanical reasons that a semi-truck accident may occur, accidents may be caused by a driver who should not be on the road. It is up to commercial trucking companies to ensure that semi-truck drivers are well rested and not using illegal substances while driving. If a crash was caused by a driver who was intoxicated or fatigued from being on the road too long, a trucking company may be held liable. If you've been in an accident, the J. Reyna Law Firm may be able to help you determine the amount of compensation that you're eligible for and help you obtain it from an insurance company or a trucking company. We provide free consultations, and you don't owe us anything if we don't win your case. If you've been in an accident involving a semi-truck, call us today to find out how we can assist you.
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