• $11,329,500 Wrongful Death
  • $5,924,630 Wrongful Death
  • $3,776,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,092,500 Wrongful Death
  • $2,019,751 Breach of Contract
  • $1,953,706 Motorcycle Accident

Construction Accident Attorney Austin

It is an unfortunate fact of life, but construction sites can be very hazardous places. When property owners and contracts take precautions to ensure that an area is safe, workers don't find themselves in unsafe conditions. However, in the rush to get a job completed, safety often falls by the wayside. When the worst case scenario occurs—and you find yourself injured on a construction job—you need an Austin construction accident lawyer who is going to fight for your rights and make sure that your case is given respect. J. Reyna Law Firm is experienced at taking these kinds of cases on, advocating for injured workers who may not have a voice. The entire process couldn't be easier. First, you'll call for your free consultation with Juan Reyna. With an extensive background in these kinds of cases, he will be able to assess whether or not your case would have a good likelihood of proceeding. Because this assessment is free, you have absolutely nothing to lose by calling today. In the event that we choose to continue with your case, you can rest assured that we will not take a dime unless we win. Anyone who has been the victim of construction site negligence has a lot to gain by reaching out to the J. Reyna Law Firm, as we pursue every avenue to make sure that your case is properly addressed. If you are the victim of a construction site accident, it's important to follow these steps in order to make sure that your case has the best possible future prognosis: 1. Call 911 Right After the Accident As soon as you can get yourself to a safe location, call 911 for medical assistance. Do not listen to any supervisors who urge you to do otherwise. Calling 911 will allow medical professionals to assess your condition—and document it. 2. Do Not Speak to the Insurance Company After your injury has been reported, you may find that you're receiving calls from an insurance company. Don't answer them. Keep in mind that the insurance reps want to close your case as quickly as possible; it is of no concern to them whether or not you are compensated for your injuries. 3. Speak to a Well-Qualified Austin Construction Accident Lawyer Nothing is as important as your health. When it is compromised by an employer's negligence, it is your right to be compensated properly. Once you speak to Juan Reyna, you'll immediately get a sense of his detailed experience dealing with cases like yours. A construction accident has the capability to affect the rest of your life, and J. Reyna Law Firm treats each case accordingly. When you're the victim of an accident like this, life can become very overwhelming. Your medical bills may be piling up, and you might not know where to turn. At J. Reyna Law Firm, we make it our priority to help you get your life back after a construction accident.
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