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If you've been injured and are looking to obtain the best possible outcome in your situation, Reyna Injury Lawyers can help you. The firm has obtained favorable results for injury victims and their families throughout the state in personal injury cases such as auto accidents, oilfield accidents, traumatic brain injuries and serious personal injuries
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Juan "JR" Reyna and his legal get results for their clients. Having obtained several multi-million dollar settlements throughout his career both in the courtroom and in mediation, Juan and his staff understand what is at stake for your family and most importantly how to obtain the best possible outcome to your unfortunate situation.

Because the success of many cases hinges on very specific and sometimes minute details, Reyna Injury Lawyer's approach to every step of the legal process from discovery to deposition to mediation to trial is detail oriented, the focus on uncovering every fact that could help your case.

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Many law firms play a numbers game, signing up as many cases as possible with the hopes that some of them reach a successful conclusion. This approach leads to a lot of undesirable outcomes for the injury victim is ultimately a disservice to the them and their family.

Reyna Injury Lawyers takes a different approach to the people we represent. Due diligence is a priority for every potential client they represent so that they can give a qualified realistic expectation of the case results. Additionally, close personal attention and communication are given to each and every client they represent so there's never a feeling of being in the dark regarding your case.

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Our law firm has helped several Texas personal injury victims and their families achieve multi-million dollar judgements or settlements in their case.

Some of these case types include traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death lawsuits, serious personal injury claims and lawsuits involving injuries that took place in the oil & gas industry.

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